Welcome to My World...

Where I rule as Goddess, and you are my eager supplicant. In this place, you will learn to become selfless and serve my desires, to give your all in my presence. Your ego is not welcome here and it will soon be stripped from you, as you find yourself prostrated at my feet, eager and aching to please me in any way I command. I want to show you what you can endure to please me, I want you to see your real self when you submit to my sensually sadistic appetite. 


Let us begin...

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My Story

    Since I was very young, I've been aware of the discrepancies in the supposed natural order of things, as impressed upon modern society by patriarchal and Judeo-Christian ideology. It has always been clear to me that women hold the power in this world, and men have been jealous of our life giving abilities, among other things. As a result, women have been demonized and forced to play small at all costs. And what a futile attempt it has been! Women cannot play small as long as men ache for our attention with every fiber of their being.

    I know it is my role in this life to remind men of their place in this world and to show them their natural role is in submitting to the power and grace of a dominant woman. Nothing is as pleasing as seeing a once ego driven male, now objectified and dehumanized, fall to his knees to worship and submit to a divine Goddess. Every moment spent with me is an opportunity to truly understand what it is like to be a selfless supplicant to a divine Goddess. You will crave my touch, my gaze, any bit of my attention, whether seductive, sadistic, sensual, or cruel, it will all be a blessing to you. It is my pleasure to take your mind off the drudgery of your everyday life, and show you a world where your only job is to submit to my desires,  work to please me, and let go of everything this world tells you you are supposed to be...




   I am a natural born Dominant, and I have been a Lifestyle BD/SM Fetishist for the better part of 20 years. I decided to transition to the role of Professional Dominatrix nearly a decade ago. A compassionate sadist at heart, I've guided many submissives into the exploration of Domination/Submission, Bondage, and Sadism/Masochism. Identifying with both titles Goddess/Daddy, I am proudly Pansexual, and prefer the pronoun she/her.

    With graduate level knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, I have the advantage of knowing how to use minimum physical effort to drive you to a state where pain and pleasure sublimate. I especially love to psychologically dominate my submissives and find great joy in showing others aspects of themselves that they never knew existed. In order to further these aims, I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2020. Utilizing consensual subconscious programming and somatic training, I am constantly taking my subs to levels of servitude they never knew they could reach.

    I love to continuously further my BDSM education, working with various mentors and teachers, as much as I love to share my decades of experience by teaching a variety of classes on BDSM techniques/skills, and Femdom/FLR. While I have varying degrees of proficiency in many fetishes, my areas of expertise and personal interest are; TPE, NT, Humiliation/Degradation, CBT, Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, CP, Psychological Domination/Mind Fuck, FLR, OTK, Medical Play/Fetish, Tease and Denial, Foot Fetish/Trampling, slave/sub Training, Bastinado, Ball Busting, Financial Domination, Orgasm Control/Denial, Chastity, Needle Play, Leather/Fur Fetish, Boot Worship/Domination, Collar and Leash Training, Feminization, Water Sports, Face Slapping, and Spit/Human Ashtray Fetish.

     While aware of the concepts of both SSC and RACK, I practice RACK (risk awareness consensual kink). I am currently available for real time sessions and workshops, as well as worship via webcam/phone/text sessions. Traveling is always a certain pleasure of my adventurous heart, and generous travel requests are considered, especially FMTY.


Fortune favors those who act upon their fantasies and desires, as life is too impermanent to wait for tomorrow. Only those who boldly step into their souls deepest cravings can say they've lived a full life. Come be my play thing and let me show you what it means to be alive...








Interviews, Publications, and Appearances

-Dr Susan Block Show: April 2016 with Goddess Fae and The Femdom Four


-Dr Susan Block Show: October 2016


-Dr Susan Block award for Best Medical Domination: October 2016


-Kink E Magazine feature, April 2017


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-Presentation on and live demonstration of
BDSM for the Psychology department at Moorpark College
August 2019


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-Interview by Gabriela Herstik for Mel Magazine


-TSEGP Podcast Interview, March 2020


-Hold The Granola Podcast interview, August 2020


-GarnaShadow Blog, September 2020
English version:

En Español:


-Original Short Fiction published, October 2020
Book 4: Dark Celebrations
“Doomed Under the Full Moon”
“Asking for It”


-Grand prize winner Club X Short Story contest, January 2021
Ecstatic Submission
“High Risk Ice Cream: A National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Benefit Project” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VYKJ1BG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_FAHP9D5AMPQG644RJXPX?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


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-Interview/Contribution to:
“Sacred Sex:The Magic and Path of the Divine Erotic” by Gabriela Herstik
June 2022