Please Me

     It is truly simple to please me, especially by paying attention to the many ways I have outlined what I desire from my submissives. One of the best ways to please me is to follow through with the very simple instructions I have taken the time to lay out for booking a session with me, via my session application. Another way, is to take the time to read through my site to not only find out more about me, but to find out if there are answers to your questions before contacting me to ask. Understanding what my specific aims for my submissives are, can help you know if we will be a good fit and if it is worth moving forward with serving me via online or real time. It is always especially pleasing when you have some idea in mind about why you want to see me before contacting me, even if it is a general idea, or because it is an urge to serve you simply cannot ignore any longer. I love to guide you in exploring your shadow aspects and hidden desires, that may never see the light of day otherwise. 

    Of course, I love being presented with gifts and tribute as a show of gratitude and affection, or simply because you know, without a shadow of a doubt, what is yours is already mine and you want me to have access to all parts of you. My appreciation of various tributes runs very deep, and you can find out more about where and how to present me, on my tribute page. 


My Limits

  * My biggest limit is dishonesty. I am not interested in subs who have an inability to speak truthfully to me. I will always know and I will not allow you in my presence. So please do not waste my time with it.

  * No sex acts, nothing ending in "job". I have mentioned this already but I want to be very clear I only offer domination, fetish, and fantasy type sessions. I find BDSM to be highly erotic, and sensual(meaning of the senses), but BDSM, as I see it, is mainly about power exchange, reprogramming internalized societal misconceptions around gender and sexuality, and exploring taboo. BDSM isn't about sex, so you will not find it here, ever.

  *I do not offer FTT, Roman Showers, Heavy Med. Fet., Nudity in RT Session, Messy Diaper Play.

  * This list is ever changing and I suggest you check back frequently, and if you have any questions to address them in your session request, or contact me via one of my pay sites to discuss further.